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Magelio Venturi is an independent amateur photographer based in China but frequently travelling throughout Asia, America and Europe. He has worked on various photographic projects and his interests are in documentary, reportage and above all street photography because of its ability to capture the unposed and natural elements of life. Magelio also teaches street photography workshops in China and around the world.

Magelio’s photographs originate in the eccentricity of everyday’s life found in the turmoil of the streets. His photographs candidly encapsulate people in the random chaos of their environment, showing the funny, whimsical, absurd, ironic, surreal, or simple beauty of the banal.

Magelio reckons that street photography is an instinctive drive that keeps him inspired, curious and alert, constantly hunting for that decisive moment.  Although Magelio’s early sources of inspiration were photographers such as Giacomelli , Cartier-Bresson, Lartigue, Frank, Riboud, etc., he has also a great admiration for the contemporary street photographers of today whom he thinks have all contributed to elevating street photography to an art by itself.

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马吉洛.文丘里 (Magelio Venturi)是一位独立的业余摄影师,常驻中国,  经常往返亚洲, 美洲和欧洲。
他曾参与各种摄影项目,他的兴趣集中在纪录片,报道和最重要的街头摄影上,因为它能够捕捉未被发现的自然元素。除了建立自己的摄影作品, 马吉洛还在中国和世界各地举办和教授街头摄影工作坊。



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